Rom Tom Dada

released November 2022

Irek Wojtczak – tenor, soprano sax
Tomasz Dąbrowski – trumpet
Max Mucha – bass
Jan Emil Młynarski – drums



The presented music is simple and sophisticated at the same time, saturated with timbres and perfect resonance of instruments. In its form, it sometimes refers to the achievements of the Masada quartet, and thus also to Ornette Coleman.

The inventiveness of Tomek Dąbrowski and Irek Wojtczak moves freely in the area of sounds and expression of the most interesting achievements of world jazz, and the natural pulse of this music, supported by the technically impeccable work of the section, strongly binds and strengthens this band.

It’s one of those recordings that expresses the concept of music in a coherent way – without a single random note or a moment of hesitation. You can clearly hear a good understanding between the musicians – Irek Wojtczak’s band has a great concert and export potential.

Andrzej Kalinowski
Jazz Forum