TOM TRIO/ 2017

Here is a song “When We Were Young”

Tomasz DÄ…browski tp
Anders Mogensen dr
Nils Bo Davidsen b
Irek Wojtczak ts


TOM TRIO + plays "When We Were Young"

Hello everyone,You remember my band "TOM TRIO"? It's about time time to announce, that from now on it's "TOM TRIO +", with my great friend and fantastic musician – Irek Wojtczak on tenor saxophone. Here is a song "When We Were Young". Thanks to Anders Mogensen, Nils Bo Davidsen, Weronika Wierzba and Teis Frandsen. Let me know how do you like it, don't forget to watch it in HD

Geplaatst door Tomasz DÄ…browski – Music op donderdag 14 december 2017